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Default Re: Egypt-Hookah Expedition

Originally Posted by cardevi View Post
Ok so here is the deal. I have just made all the arrangements and I am going to Egypt for three weeks in September (for my Birthday)! Aside from all the tourst things my wife & I will be doing, I am going to make it a point to smoke at every cafe that I find over there. Having said that, I am also on a hunt for hookahs. Does anybody know where I can find KM's over there? I will be all over the place, from Cairo to Dahab. So is there liek a KM shop or something?
A few things:

1) You best remember that American customs will limit how much mu'essel you can bring back so be prepared to mail some back to yourself and throw away what ever they don't let you have past the limit.

2) If you plan on smoking when you are in Egypt either bone up on smoking edict or smoke at places that cater to Westerners. You will piss people off big time if smoke at a place that caters to locals and you smoke like an American

3) Smoke some Shh 'el-beled and bring some home. It's Tunisian but I had no trouble getting it and it's damn good.

4) Buy lots of Kass Super,Khan El Khalili & Bata

5) Talk to someone that has been around the country in the last few months to find out where exactly it's not safe to visit.

6) When in Cairo spend at least a full day in the Khan al-Khalili looking for narghile stuff. The locals will point you towards a lot of great shops and such.

7) The Dahab hotel is a great place to smoke if you like a Bohemian kind of atmosphere.

8) The Zamalek area of Cairo has lots of great places to smoke and you'll get better service if you stay away from the tourist traps.

9) Pasqua Caf, Abu El Sid, El FeShawy Coffe & Cairo 1940 all have great food and decent smoking environs.
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