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Default Re: Yikes, I'm back haha.

Oh man, I really mean failed ha... My friend Steve bought two tix for the nearest White Stripes show about two months ago. The nearest show on this tour was in Birmingham, Alabama, hehe...but no problem, they're his absolute favorite band of all time. I mean, he's like, KiSS-army crazy about em lol. Anyhoo, he bought some plane tix and and a hotel for the night. Plan was to drive to Ft. LAuderdale at 5am on monday, ge tthere about 9am, and check in, etc, cause the plane left at 12. Then we fly to the ATL for connecting flight and touch down in AL at about 5pm. Show was at 8pm, but he naturally wanted to check into the hotel and get to the show early. We Went through security yadda yadda, only to find out our plane to ATL had been delayed dued to mechanical problems till 530 pm. Wow. Steve was livid, needless to say. I was quite sad. But we waited for hours in various lines, help desks, etc, and the soonest we coulda got to Birmingham was 1045pm. So, we drove home back down to Key west lol....

Sad, I know haha. Sucked.
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