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Default Re: Authentic Middle eastern shish or american?

The only stuff you put coals directly on top of is Tombac which is dried leafes sold in bricks that you have to soak before you use. Once you get it smoking you take the coals off. It's kind of tricky if you haven't done it before so i'll need to write up a how to.

Jurak is a finely ground tobacco paste made without glycerine and not much honey or molasses that has lots of herbal essences and spices.

Black style mu'essel's have larger cut have either no flavour casings added or they use herbal essences and spices but never fruits. Some have glycerine but they never have as much as modern mu'essel.

Both jurak and black mu'essel's are indirectly heated but the method is a bit different then what you're used to.
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