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1) you could try a little less water and when using a screen i find it more useful to use two coals to get it going...also make sure the tobacco isnt to clumped together make sure it is nice and broken up allowing more airflow which in turn creates more smoke.

2) personally i am a fan of Havana tobacco most flavors are satisfying the tropical is the best they have to offer if you ask me the orange isnt bad either though

3) this is really a toss up...i use both it just depends on whats available for me, the foils seems to be easier clean up but the screen is a lot faster to get set up and going it just depends on how much work you feel like doing

4) practice practice practice thats the best way to find out how to get your hookah rolling at its best if you have any other questions dont hesistate to ask oh and one more thing puff puff pass
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