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Default Hey!You!?Psssstt.....!ˇ!

Hey guys,Sorry for the topic name

How is every one doing?Well i am fine....

But there's one thing,i need a new hookah badly...
The only problem is,i live in Holland (theNetherlands) in Amsterdam to be exact,so it's expensive to get packages over here i asked almost every vendor and they said around 80-90$ i dont know about you guys...but i think thats very expensive,i can get a good hookah for that price...

Does anyone maybe know a cheaper way?alot vendors say difrent prices the one says $80 the other $90+ but then im thinking how do they know how much the package is if i didnt even say what i want?isnt it all about the weight?

I whas thinking of someone i could trust on this comunnity if it's posible to buy it for me (i pay for the sendings to,or maybe its even free because i aint planing to buy a small package)and send it out to me for a fair price....

Im going on vacation soon on 26 June to Morocco,they sell alot Hookahs there to and cheap i whas there last year so i should know but i didnt took a good look on them if it whas a good quality

But what do you guys think?Buy from a vendor to be sure of a good Hookah,or wait till i go on vacation and look if theres a good Hookah?

I whas thinking of buying from this guys the first couple emails he responded but after that he didnt answer any of my emails

Thanks for everyone who reply's


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