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Default No taste whatsoever! Am I doing something wrong?

I manage to get my first hookah the other day; it was a 34" Abyss from

I'm having a little trouble getting my shisha to taste like anything. I figured that I must be doing something wrong, so I want to consult the experts over here.

I followed all the instructions pretty carefully.

I filled the vase so that its just 2 inches above the down-stem. Connected everything and made sure every was sealed tight. Tested it by covering the bowl. Filled the bowl to the edge with Romman Apple, almost no packing whatsoever. Covered it with 1 sheet of foil and poked 4 circles of holes. 2 Golden QL coals on opposite sides. Everything should be done right!

I started it off, waited a little, and smoked more. There was a decent amount of smoke, but there was no flavor at all. There were a couple of hits were I tasted apple but thats like 4 hits out of the 45 min I was trying to smoke it. I tried it with the Romman Peach as well, same story.

Any ideas?
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