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Default Re: No taste whatsoever! Am I doing something wrong?

ALright dude, sounds like you got a nice hookah. Don't be discouraged, hookah is a learning experiance, even for those who have been smoking for years, you adjust on the fly.

I know you tried seal check but I'm going to go over it anyway. Before starting assymble your hookah dry. Now put your finger on the top of the stem to block flow. Attach your hose or put your mouth on the hose connection and try to suck air through. You should be able to at all, if anything your finger should be sucked into the stem. If you notice deviation of vacuum or any leaks, your hookah is not air tight. Replace gromets or readjust them.

Fill the water about 1/2'' to 1'' above the stem. You shouldn't have to pack the bowl whatsoever just knda flake the shisha in the bowl maybe compress slightly. You don't want to impede air flow. Try 2 sheets of foil it will help with heat management (which is a huge factor in a great session). Wait about 5 mins before starting after placing coals, that way the bowl heats up and starts to hold heat. Not every shisha requires the same amount of heat, so it is something you have to do by trial and error. Also use a wind cover when even indoors it makes heat management alot easier.

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