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Default Re: No taste whatsoever! Am I doing something wrong?

Well friend, it is no secret to get a good smoke from a hookah. It took me a couple of times, to get it right. I hope you washed the hookah thoroughly, before you used it. There can be residue, oil from the manufacturing, etc. ALL new hoookahs should be cleaned before using for the first time.

I prefer to have the stem open about 1inch to 1.5 inch below the water. Much lower than this makes for a difficult "pull". But if you prefer two inches below, OK.

You should never fill a bowl all the way to the edge. You need some empty space between the top of the tobacco, and the foil. If the tobacco touches the foil, the hot charcoal can 'scorch' the tobacco. Always "fluff" the tobacco, to make sure that air circulates freely around the tobacco. This will make for an easier 'pull', and additional smoke and flavor.

I prefer not to use QL coals. If you use them, always light the coal OUTSIDE, and let the pre-igniter burn off completely. Blow on the coal for a couple of times, until you see some red in the coal. Then place one (1) coal on the foil, centered, and let it sit for a couple of minutes, before your first pull.

You should only use as much heat as it takes to produce moderate smoke. If you put two(2) coals on right away, you risk scorching the tobacco, and burning off all the flavor. Try one coal, and when it dies off, add another coal.

Best advice I can give you.
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