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Default Re: What do you use? - coals

As to the quaility of Goldens next to 3 Kings, I prefer the Goldens hands down. Ash better, break cleaner (in half, not pieces) and don't disinagrate as often. Most 3 Kings I've ever gotten, seem to beak too easily and disinagrate into charcoal dust.

I too have altered my coal preferences. I still love the Sultan ST's, but gave up on the Smiley coals. They burn HOT - too hot unless you watch them like a hawk. Plus, I never got a re-use them, I tended to forget to remove them from the water.

I keep Goldens around for "quicky smokes" or for traveling, but as of right now - my coal of choice is the Diynamite Natural Fingers. Loving those!

BUT... I do want to try Golden's version of a silver-coated tab and both Nours and Stargate natural coals.

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