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Default Re: No taste whatsoever! Am I doing something wrong?

I cleaned my hookah out and followed most of the advice you guys gave. I even put a few drops of honey into the bowl and mixed it around. I also put orange juice into the vase.

Still no taste entering my mouth, but I can smell the smoke and it smells kinda sweet. I'm really pulling my hair out now!

I'm going to go out to buy some new tobacco to see if it makes any difference. Can anyone advise me which one is the most tasty?

It'll be great is some of LA members can tell me wheres the best place to buy shisha from. I'm just trying to get my hookah preforming as well as those lounges found around Westwood.

EDIT: I might have found out a factor that as giving me the tasteless smoke. It might be the hookah hose. When I took it out and inhaled directly from the part you you plug in the hose, it tastes a little better.

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