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Default Eww. Don't forget to clean...

So i was cleaning my hookah as i do after every bowl. I scrubbed the stem till its shiny all the way through. For some reason I decided to clean the hose port and the blow off port. I found a small brush (i didn't have one before, in fact i never even thought about deep deep cleaning the ports).

I scrub the hose port, weird gray shit comes out, and it looks thicker than water. I scrub and scrub and it finally gets clean. The purge port was even nastier. It came out with so much brown junk. I had to twist and shove and basically break the brush to get it in there fully and scrubbed to hell and back. The brown and grey coming out was gross.

I was under the impression my hookah was uber clean. Little did i realize how nasty those 2 areas were. I'm gonna be cleaning them after every bowl and see if theres a difference
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