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Default Death to the Carpet...

Ok... another in the line of coal mishaps.... or as I am beginning to think of them as - "Death to the Ugly Carpet" adventures....

Picked up Nakhla Pistacho and AF Cherry, get home - clean everything set up (finally) the prefect bowl... smoking the Nakhla and all is good... notice the hookah wasn't seated fully.

Without even stopping to think about the 2 large chunks of coal on the bowl, I "seat" the stem...

We ALL know what happens next.... the coal deiceds it hates my poor ugly carpet and does a striffing run... but first by BOUNCING off my arm, then landing UNDERNEATH the coffee table. The coal barely touched my arm and only sat on the carpet for less than 30 second.... but appearently these Dynimite Fingers burn HOT!

Another burn....on both me and the carpet.

Get this - even though the coal bounced off my forarm, it wasn't on long enough to even singe the hair on my arm - but did produce 3 small blisters!

So.... I DUB this the official


Post all your burns, holes, and or ouchies here....along w/ the story of your hookah's attempt on you or your carpet/sofa/ect life...
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