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Originally Posted by YA-MEZ View Post
kk thanks...and with bendy straws does the actual bendy part go into the water or up into the stem? and if i dont have bendy straws...can i just use some reg. straws?
I shall answer that with another quote I just found by the wonderful Dunkel:
Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
I make a homemade diffuser for every session. It costs 2 cents per session. I use 4 bendy straws from a 200 pack ($1.00) from the Dollar General. I put the short ends of the straw inside the bottom of the stem, I then cut the straws off 1/2" below the bendy part and bend the straws to face in opposite directions. It takes about 1 minute to make and never has to be cleaned as it's tossed after the session.
Hope that helps.
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