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Originally Posted by daedra View Post
i found a microwave for 300$, it looks like its a high enough quality to handle coals. im going to purchase it right now.

i have a feeling that there are either 2 reasons why my microwave broke today:
A) exoticas just arent microwaveable.
B) my microwave wasnt strong enough to handle it.

i have a feeling that if i get this to work, i will start a whole new thing in the area of hookahs, imagine how greatly things will change. i shouldnt even be posting my plans here!

PS: ok, i found a better one, it costs a little bit more but its worth it if i can revolutionize hookah:
Strong enough to handle what?

What do you think the coals did to your micro wave? Did they burst into flames or explode? I am personally doubting that the coals are what killed your unit.

How long did it take for this break down to occur?
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