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Default How Big Is Yours?

Ok, so there is probably no "right" answer for what is the perfect sized hookah -- doesn't mean this shouldn't start an interesting conversation though.

Personally I think an 18" may be a little small while a 35" may be a little large. So that kinda leaves me in the middle of the road. I have a 22", 26" (not yet out of the box), and a 32" which I am smoking out of now. Don't know if I'll wind up getting a 29" model at any point in the future (who knows...).

I'm hoping my 26" smokes as well as the 32" because they are both MZs, have similar construction (stem diameter, I imagine), and are solidly built.
The plus side would be that the 26" is easier to handle, clean, and transport.

So, any general ideas from the public? Is the perfect hookah right at about 26" or what?

Questions and comments should be interesting for this one...

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