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Default Re: natural bbq coals

Here is another knowledgeble member to clear things up.
As for QL, i think they are "activated Charcoal". I dont know about the proccess but this means that the charcoal has been treated in a certain way (with oxygen) to create millions of pores on the surface of the charcoal in order to help the combustion and consistency of heat.
As for CO, i 've read a lot of things but there is nothing clear in the matter wether CO has serious longterm effects and if the amounts inhaled from a single charcoal are significant enough for create these effects. The only known-for-sure effects of CO is dizziness, headache, nausea and vommiting in some cases (prolly as an effects from nausea). In the extreme of inhaling huge quantities of CO could cause instant death but its NOWHERE near the lever of what can be produced but the worst BBQ briquettes. (We are talking about inhaling straight CO gas)

I hope these posts are understandable (and helpful) for the forums and do not confuse people even more.

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