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Default Re: Aluminum foil for smoking - your preferences.

Originally Posted by sammniamii
This could possibly explain why the last few sessions have made my throat hurt well into the next day. I normally use "pre-cut hookah" foil, which is pretty thick, but the last few days I've been using Dollar Store foil which is supper thin - I just have been doubling it over and using it.

Maybe the think foil is burning or something. Think it's time to go back to the thicker stuff - hopefully that will end the sore throat crud.

PS: the reason for using the thinner foil - It's easier to remove it "mid" bowl to stir up or scrape off burnt shisha. The pre-cuts are harder and I can't re-use the same sheet.
I believe the whole thin thing was what got me as well, it was why I asked the question.

It REALLY messed with my throat.
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