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Default Re: Khalil Mamoon vs. Mya

I won't buy Mya for two reasons:

1) I strongly object to communism and slavery and when you buy stuff made in China you support those things

2) I've owned several Myas and none of them worked well for more then a year and some didn't last more then a few months and some had problems from the start.

IF Mya ever did/have sort out the quality control problems I still wouldn't bother with them for the simple reason that a lot of better designed/more functional rigs are available from Syria and Egypt.

As to KM when I owned a lounge that was all I used and they worked great. I personally have a couple they are every well built. Although they are not as good as my Syrians they are great products nonetheless.

Personally I prefer a well built Syrian like those carried by J & R , Magic hookahs or Social Smoke although the gothookahs seem to have high quality products as well.
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