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Just got my smiley order today and had read this post so plum is the first one I've tried. This is my first wiff of Smileys Sexy flavors. My experience with Berry Blast and Orange Bang was much better. But I hasten to add, I have not tried any of the other jars here, and I look forward to testing the following and reporting as I go. Untested are Bubbleberry, Prickly Pear, Watermelon, Horchata and Peach. You will get my honest opinion.

I used my large egyptian, very thoroughly cleaned, brand new Mya hose (nargileclub has them) Jap style coals, cold water from fridge. Foil with a standard hole pattern that always works for me.

. I loaded up a small phunnel with a spoon. The shisha is completely submerged in juice. Way too much juice. When I put the red hot coals on the foil it immediately started sizzling very loud. It reminded me of the way HookahHookah sounds at first, cause it has so much water added. It took more heat and time to get this going compared to other quality smokes like Layalina, Al Fakher or Romman. . I suspect too much water found it's way into the massel.

Flavor/Smell: Hate to say this but....There is nothing in this batch that even hints at plum!

Once going, the flavor is very mild and toward the end of the first set of coals, a vague fruit flavor presents itself and the smoke gets sweeter. I got good clouds, nothing spectacular after 15 minutes of work. I even got a buzz. Or I just hyperventilated. Not sure. I am about to put on the second set of coals and we will see how it goes. 8)

Will keep ya posted. Good to see so many familiar usernames on this forum. Glad to be here.


This is working much better now. Rapid take off and thicker some. No sizzling. A bit more flavor, but still wanting in that department. I am now getting real nice not-so-mild buzz. Surprised I can feel anything from washed massel. Making lots of typos. Thank goodness for spell check or you'd think I was unedumakated.
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