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Default Re: Bad Hookah Reputation

Originally Posted by larrypzlast View Post
It is a little touchy especially with officers of the law. Because anything that could be used to smoke other than what is intended for can be considered, well you know, and they are pretty much required to act on that. In due time hookah will make its impression as a nice smooth, flavor-able, social, and completely legal smoke,
I sure hope so.
The very first time I smoked shisha...I had a confrontation with the PO's and they thought we were crackheads living in an abandoned truck trailer playing guitar and singing...they specifically asked "why do you need tinfoil?". Either way I was with my cousin and his friends, and they all went to private school so they were wearing the rich kid uniforms. They weren't allowed to smoke anything (cigarettes too) on campus, so basically they had found an unused/unlocked truck trailer nearby the school in the parking lot of a train station, and thats where the kids came too smoke. Anyways, we were singing and people called the cops saying they thought people were living inside?
Anyways, thats my little story.
I hate the negative reputation the hookah has and I also hate ignorant people. Like at least educate police officers on what a hookah is...right?
Then all they would have to do is take a whiff, and ask you to show them the package.
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