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Default Re: New Hookah - HS Syrian Chiller

Originally Posted by sabsz View Post
I think almost every handmade hookah has an imperfection such as a slight lean or something along those lines (for me at least). All of the non-Chinese hookahs I have owned, have had a slight lean or bend in the stem that them made the hookah look sort of crooked. But I loved them just the same, you can't expect much more from something that is handcrafted. As long as it isn't like ridiculously slanted, there is nothing to worry about.
some of them have bad grommets that make it lean and its not the hookah itself. i usually have some welding imperfections (just visible ones, not performance altering). i like them though. its like the scars on my face...just like me , the hookahs been through alot ;P
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