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Default Re: Strange question - hoses

HEHe interesting thread. My current hose is my old bathtub hose which i converted into a fully working hookah hose with airtight seal on both the mousth tip and on the hookah
Fully washable.
No nasty smell or taste
Good/odd looking
Thicker than a normal hose (have you ever tried smoking diectly from the hookah w/out a hose? Thick smoke for 10 secs from 1 second draw-- thats how it is)

My next hose will be a tygon clear hose ill try to go for 3/4 inch which i actuall much thicker than a normal hose
I thing watching the smoke pass through a clear hose would be cool
Plus you can see how clean it is
And its really cheap (3foot of tygon = less than 6 dollars -_- at least in my country)
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