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Default Mixes - what sounds good?

So, I have alot of "extra" shisha lying around. I'm done a couple of mixes, but I'm trying to figure out other good combo's of flavors to try.

So far I have:

Sammn's Tropical: AF Mango, Lay Peach, AF Mint = it's ok, but tends to get overpowering fast, as I think 10% mint was too much.

Coco Heaven: AF Coconut, Lay Coconut, Fusion Mango Raspberry, AF Cherry (w/ some pineapple juice for the base): haven't tried it yet as I like to let my mixes "stew" for a bit before smoking.

Also was thinking about trying:

Cherry Cola (AF Cherry & Cola)
Candy Apple (AF Esk Apple and HH Butterscottch)

Anybody else have a good idea of a mix I could try whipping up?

Oh... you might want to know what I have...

AF: Coconut, Cherry, Capp, Esk Apple, Rose, Mint, Mango
AW: Kiwi, After9, Bounty, Vanilla
Nakhla: Lemon, Pistacho, Zag, Cocomint
Lay: Coconut, Mangonsteen, Peach
Fusion: Choco Straw, Mango Raspberry
HH: Butterscottch, Mocha, Choco, Lemonaid, Pumkpin pie, acci, halz
SB: Chocolate mint
Pharho: Peach
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