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Default Re: Strange question - hoses

Ive tried all sorts of stuff...

if it washes well.... then its too stiff.

If it flexes well... it tastes bad.

My wife is a nurse... I'll have her bring some of this home to try soon.

its called CPAP tubing. and comes in up to 6 foot sections. Its used for respiratory care applications.

► CPAP tubing constructed from a metallocene plastomer wall with thermoplastic elastomer cuffs.
► CPAP tubing cuffs are sized to fit 22mm male connections
► Helical wall support design prevents collapsing while the smooth interior offers excellent unobstructed flow characteristics
► Can be pasteurized at 170F (75C)
► CPAP tubing is Latex Free
► Lightweight and cost effective alternative to silicone cuff CPAP tubing
► Constructed from materials complying with FDA 21 CFG177.1520
► Full Biocompatibility Testing per ISO 10993/FDA - Test Data available

I know.. thats kinda wrong.... but if they use the stuff for vapor treatment and nebulizers and shit..... gotta work for us too.

22mm is right around 7/8 of an inch..... I imagine you could cut the ends off if you needed to ditch em?
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