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Default Re: I just graduated and need suggestions.

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
SB Social Smoke special blend
AF Grenadine
AF Watermelon
AF Mint
Fantasia Pink Lemonade
Fantasia Blueberry

Pretty much these should be a good tasty smoke. There's PLENTY more but those are the first few that come to mind. I don't use anything in the vase except water and ice. So have no input on that. I find smoking outdoors is very enjoyable. Lakeside, on the beach, firepit etc etc, any of these places make it great.
As far as AF goes i suggest GRAPE, i know SamB will back me up on that one haha
Also, I would say go in for some Naklha, there is a serious buzz with their flavors though so be mindful of that.

Ice and water - I always keep 2 or 3 2 liter bottles in the fridge and a few ice trays in the freezer that make small cubes. I think ice water and ice make all the difference in the world for cold smoke. A lot of the time I don't even need the cubes and add them later. But together they work amazing- just depends on how lazy I'm feeling haha. When I'm feeling kinda saucy I put ice and water in the vase and then put the whole thing in a huge bowl of ice with enough water to just cover the ice. The water in the bowl increases the contact of the ice to the surface area of the vase.
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