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Default Just arrived, my km mash'al!

I bought one from a fellow smoker who had to give up the hobby due to family reasons. The stem is a lot lighter than my al'masri or al'aasry whatever it is lol. Weighs about half of that one but the vase is great, i love it. Setting it up seemed like the grommet was a little small for the vase but it fit great with no air leaks. Plugged in a km hose and it fit great. Here are some pics i took of the hookah and me smoking. I resized the pics to better fit on the message board. I'm smoking tangiers indigo flower here, the bowl i would normally use which is blue is being borrowed by my friend so my brown/white will have to do for now

Here is the full thing setup

The vase isn't really transparent so its kind of hard to see the water level but i got the sweet spot.

Here is a close up of the stem

Here is one of me in deep concentration hitting the hookah

And here is the hit I got from that

The pull is easy, the purge is really great, i want to blow out as hard as i can but im still afraid of flooding the bowl lol.

Hope you guys are having as good of a day as i am
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