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Default New Hookah Suggestions?

I am looking for a new hookah, below I have posted some things I am looking for and some hookahs that have caught my eye thus far. If you have any reviews of the hookahs that I am looking at or an idea of another one I could check out that would be dandy. I would appreciate suggestions, or if you're a vendor and would like to pitch a product I would gladly look at it:

Height: 24" - ~ 40" (Can be transported fairly easily)

*One Hose* - I would not like to purchase a multi hose hookah as i prefer to smoke with friends using one hose, however if a hookah has more than one and interests me otherwise and I am able to put stoppers in it that would be alright

Colors: Brass & Blue catches my eye, but by no means committed

Not a fan of Mya for personal purcahase

Prefer an Egyptian/Israeli/Syrian/Turkish-esque style, have not seen any modern Hookahs that catch my eye

Cost: < ~$150

Some of the Hookahs I have been looking at:

[FONT=&quot]Pharoah (1 hose) Hookah ([/FONT]


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