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Default Types of things said about hookah online.

....that piss you off.

I am thinking of things people have done or said online about hookah (usually confident newbs) that have been recurring.

Like this:

1. "OMGz, you should totally get a MYA QT instead of the two choices you posted that are totally different from a QT....cuz QT's are the best hookah evar!!!111 Im going to get one myself when I get the money."

2. A week ago: "I love Tangiers, its the best...I just ordered $100 worth of it."

Today: "How do you get Tangiers to smoke?"

3. "Where can I get a smaller bowl, cuz that would be alot of (beep) to smoke"

4. "Cant we just chill out and smoke hookah?"

You got any?
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