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Default Re: Types of things said about hookah online.

1. "OMGz, you should totally get a MYA QT instead of the two choices you posted that are totally different from a QT....cuz QT's are the best hookah evar!!!111 Im going to get one myself when I get the money."

2. A week ago: "I love Tangiers, its the best...I just ordered $100 worth of it."

LOL I agree with these for sure. Posts about Tangiers are like mosquitos, there are way too many, they are irritating and they suck.

Anyone who thinks a MYA QT is the best hookah ever deserve to only smoke Soex and Afzal with a not quite ready Rolland QL on top of the shisha and no foil or screen allowed.

Another great one is "HELP!" as the title and the post is "I'm new to hookahs, what shisha should I buy?" Not nearly the emergency they made it out to be. LOL
Tangiers =
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