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Default Re: Types of things said about hookah online.

Ultimately..... I dont mind noobies at all, I never mind a valid question that isnt easily found by a kwik search of the forums. They actually keep the old schoolers up on newer stuff coming out...or slight product changes or policy or availability changes with vendors.

The part that gets me is that some have in the past recommended product they havent tried out or tried once or so.....based more on what people have been saying, not on personal experience.

Some other things that get said...and not because they are designed to to mislead...but due to "I like MYA because they are stainless steel" get me riled up sometimes. Then I have to hold Church.

Oh wait...I got another.

"Whats a good hookah to get that I can hide from my parents? Im gonna swipe their credit card next week to get one."

Scoop, point taken there.
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