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Default Re: Types of things said about hookah online.

Originally Posted by smokedsquid View Post
Like me and the Tangiers? LOL
not to hijack this thread;
its your money, spend it how you want. i just think once you get tangiers smoking properly youre not going to smoke anything else.

patience is a virtue, and i guess the ultimate reward is smoking high quality tobacco :P

back on topic: the funny part about forums is how they are so cyclical. nearly 2 years ago people online were recommending myas for everyone. Then it became KMs, now its becoming MZ lol.

Same with the coals, it used to be diamante, jap coals, exoticas, now coco-nara.

the funny part about all this is that the product comes out. usually high quality at first, gets popular and then the quality drops highly and people move on to the next product.

I wonder if the new KMs will be as high quality or we're going to be seeing a million posts about them with problems.
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