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Default Re: First time wtih Tangiers

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
dunkel, how many times did you buy tangiers. in the last year of smoking i've tried everything and come to the fairly easy to get to conclusion that tangiers is by far superior. the bbq sauce is the lack of acclimation that occurs. if it goes into humidity shock the tobacco wont taste properly and if you just let it acclimate it should get better. i've never had any bbq sauce or soy sauce tangiers myself. eric told me if you get it, just let it sit as long as it needs and it will start to smell properly.
I have tried 3 "flavors" of Tangiers. Vanilla, Kiwi and Juicy Peach they all smelled like Bar B que sauce. I tried to smoke each of them 3 times. I acclimated them anywhere from 9-48 hours and the only one that responded at all to acclimating was Juicy Peach. It lost all of its smell and smelled like nothing. I packed it as I've read about, poked lots of big holes, used a QL broken into several pieces along the outside rim of the bowl, and it was absolutely flavorless. Vanilla and Kiwi smelled like Bar B que no matter how long they acclimated. There really is a problem with this brand. There is no other brand that people have trouble getting to "smoke right". I have heard all the Tangiers jargon til I'm blue in the face. "Humidity shock" "Just pack more" "warm water in the base" "bigger holes, toothpick sized" and "quicklights broken up along the edge". It's crazy there is no other shisha that people have problems with.
Tangiers =
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