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Default Re: First time wtih Tangiers

Originally Posted by vegasvic View Post
I think there are always connoisseurs who really enjoy the extra preparation of things, whether its gourmet food, wine, cocktails, cigars, or hookah smoking (I happen to indulge in all these things, so I can usually spot them). Tangiers smacks of this to me. The notion that if you only acclimate it to the correct pH, temperature, and humidity -- stir it just so and smoke it in a specially made bowl packed just right -- you'll have some transcendental experience. However, make one mistake and you'll gag like you've just been water-boarded.

Don't get me wrong -- I cellar my wines, humidify my cubans, and always use good Gin; but this stuff sounds like snake-oil to me. I think I'll stick to AF.
so youve never tried it and call it snake-oil? sounds logical...

its not even that hard...the trick is getting it once then everything is easy. and its not "1 mistake and youre dead". with no experience on the topic i think its kind of hard to judge it...

eric (owner of tangiers) gives me nothing special for coming here and telling you all how great it is. i pay the same price everyone else does. i truly believe deep in my heart that tangiers is the overall best tobacco on the market. nothing is even close.

the trick is to learn how to do it once and its easy after that.

either way. in a few weeks hes gonna have a washed line out so you guys wont have to complain about the packing techniques.

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