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Default How to pack tangiers

Ok, since people seem to be having trouble I made this how-to for packing tangiers. I understand a lot of people are tired of hearing about it and thats fine. No one is forcing you to try this but if you are having problems and want to get it going this may help.

First step. Pick out your tobacco. (I got lazy and didn't label a bunch of them)

I took indigo flower. Ok, so now we have our bowl, our tobacco, and an oyster fork. This is a small phunnel

How grab the bowl and drag it through the tobacco till you have a hefty amount on top.

This is what I got after my dig

Now you take all that, and even it out, you dont have to push it all in, just take the oyster fork and try to make it as even as possible on top without digging any tobacco out. Here is a pic after a little forking.

Now take the fork, and drag from the center hole outwards with the flatter end. After done it will look like this

Here is a side view

and from above

Then you take your foil, place it over the bowl, and slightly press down to see the stiffness of the tobacco, if you get the shape of the funnel really easily, you have underpacked it.

Now pull the foil sides out so it flattens out and foil it up.

I'm using 3/4 of an exotica stick

Now take a toothpick, and push all the way through the tobacco to the bowl itself. Wipe away any juice. Sorry for the blurry pic

I added some ice to the ice chamber for shits and giggles

Here is everything set up. Sorry for the blur again

At this point, get the charcoal. I took the 3/4 stick and dropped it (by accident lol). Normally I'd break into 3 pieces. It broke into 3 which is good enough for me.

Now personally, I let it sit for a few mins to warm the tobacco up. 3-4 mins. Here are some pics right after that when I started smoking

Smokes great, tastes great.

If you don't like tangiers its cool. I'll stop harassing you guys about it. If you guys need any help let me know.
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