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Default Its tobacco, dammit!

Ive noticed throughout my time as a hookah smoker is that there are many folks that wish to deny that what they are doing is consuming a tobacco product. There have been times where online vendors have tried to skirt around the fact that "shisha" a tobacco product.... or at the very least not mention that the product does in fact contain tobacco.

I remember several years ago a youngster arguing with me that shisha was not tobacco, but fruit.

A certain online vendor that deals heavily on eBay even went as far as to misrepresent his product as herbal shisha and tobacco free. Come to find out he was peddling Nakhla as tobacco free shisha.

I wandered into Al Fakher Online today.... I was disappointed that there were no statements about the product containing tobacco at all....... in fact, when describing their own product.... they make up a fictional plant. The following is a quote from the site.

Al Fakher Molasses
Al Fakher Molasses is a premium brand of flavored Molasses manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher Molasses is the highest quality Molasses in the world market and is made from the highest grade of Virginia Molasses leaves and the finest European flavors. Al Fakher Molasses is renowned for its thick flavorful smoke lasting approximately 1 hours per bowl.
I dont know about you.... but to me that really smacks of skirting the tobacco issue..... either that or it was designed to be really misleading.

dont know what to think about that.

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