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Default Re: Nice little store

You should be able to find any of those at 7/11's, gas stations, tobacco shops and the like. Sometimes they work alright for a while, but often you get what you pay for - junk.

I do have one of those Tri-flame lighters on the front page, BF picked it up for 3.99 and it does light a QL super fast, but it eats fuel like it was nothing.

I have a nice Colbri (sp) that I used to use until my BF "borrowed" it and now it's dead. He's rough on lighters - even high end versions only last 9-15 months before they just up and die on him.

Good luck if you ordered some. And if you want a cheap Benzo - hit up Wally World... whole set-up less than 15-17$.
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