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Default Re: Its tobacco, dammit!

Tar refers to any DRY PARTICULATE that is in the smoke, teeeny tiny particles of matter.

Since what we are "smoking" is actually vapor and not true smoke, then the game changes slightly.

The old standard of Nicotine and tar levels almost become a moot point in judging the "risk" in smoking hookah.

We are breathing in glycerin vapor and flavoring.... as well as some of the stuff that has leached out of the tobacco into the glycerin. So the big question is, what effects of this vapor are there in the long term?

I dont think we really know. So far, all the research done has been performed by a bunch of anti-tobacco goons. Much of the research went to print without scrutiny of peers. Some of the claims are pretty outrageous.

Someone, one of these days is going to try and do a proper study without trying to send a "big message" with the results.
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