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Default Re: Types of things said about hookah online.

I get annoyed when people are utterly unwilling to recognize the unique virtues of a given product or method because they have "seen the light" or what have you. It's not uncommon to read a witless, knee-jerk, sensational diatribe denouncing the smaller hookahs for having consistently harsh and tasteless smoke while pimping five feet of unwieldy metal tubing as the one true way. I take issue because these rants aren't completely honest. I know from experience a small hookah can provide a very smooth smoke and they work for people who can't light up whenever and wherever they please.

On a public forum, you never know whose toes you are stepping on. Somebody might love the results they get from their QT and reading in recommendation threads the posts of people who claim they are unworkable heaps of junk probably doesn't make them too happy. It is just as annoying and dishonest as saying a QT is the best hookah. It's neither the best nor the worst, and like everything else, is a compromise.

Of course, this all stems from the human tendency to defend their choices savagely and with frothing of the mouth. Nobody wants to hear that they made the wrong decision, so clearly it must be the other person who is the fool. Different needs for different people.
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