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Default Re: Its tobacco, dammit!

The researches that were done were using unrealistic temperature on the shisha (600-650 degrees celcius) so they were really burning the tobacco up. Using two well lit pieces of natural wood coals would never exceed 200 degrees celcius. The shisha never reaches that temp due to the sceen so it has a temp of about 150-160 degrees which means the glycerin is evaporating and burning of the tobacco begins only when glycerin is completelly evaporated. And thats why wet tobacco like AF is able to last for over 2 hours.
What you inhale during a properly set up hookah session is VAPOUR from the Glycerin and not smoke from the tobacco and if you blow the smoke hardly on your hand you feel it wet cz its the vapour condensing.
Now, stating that cz its there is smoke there is no tar is wrong. The tobacco , as i said before , slowly burns so there is a little tar (maybe 0.000005% of the smoke you inhale)
There are no proper researches done on hookahs and its a shame. Thats because only a hookah insider could make a legimate research or scientists with the help of a person that knows a lot about hookahs

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