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Default Re: How to pack tangiers

For those who aren't lucky enough to own a phunnel (like me!), you can phake the phunnel.
Essentially what you want to do is wrap the foil around your finger a little bit to create the centre part then cut a hole in it. Then just press the new phunnel shape into your ordinary bowl. At that point, load it up. Obviously you can't scoop the shisha in with the phake phunnel. What I do is use my fork and drop/pack large bundle of shisha in. The same principles apply as in Scoop's post concerning the proper amount.

This is how I've gotten Tangiers to smoke well without a phunnel. In an ordinary bowl you end up with juice running all down your stem, which makes for less taste and more intensive cleaning when you're done. The phake phunnel also has the advantage of letting you pack less tobacco; using a phake phunnel in my bowl results in the perfect solo smoke, with no unspent shisha in the bottom.

If my instructions aren't clear, I can elaborate or post some pics.

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