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Default Hookah bar closure, bad for some, great for me

So i was on craigslist and I saw this post about a hookah bar closure and all this crap from the hookah bar. I found out he had KM hookahs so I gave him a call and went to pick them up. Ended up picking up a bunch of hookahs, hoses and other misc. crap for a great price.

1 new KM on the rocks (came with everything, going to be a birthday gift)
5 used KM on the rocks stems (cleaned them all for hours yesterday).
1 Syrian Woman hookah stem
2 KM vases
5 new KM hoses
a whole bunch of grommets

The hookahs are almost spotless now. All i need now is 3 KM vases, one vase for the woman, and 1 km tray (he was short one). I feel like I'm about to open a hookah bar. He had a bunch of tobacco too but it wasn't stuff I smoke =/

Here is the pic
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