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Default Re: Poor Mans Hookah Jr Smoke Test #2

Originally Posted by Doomsday_Rob_V View Post
nope why buy one when you can make i always spend my money on guitar shit cause i get more use out of that than a hookah so for now its homemade hits pretty nice lol
I'm all for building a hookah for the hell of it, but to say "why buy one" there are several reasons. Unless you are a glass blower or a metalsmith your homemade hookah is going to look unattractive at best. Chances are some of the materials used in a homemade hookah are not healthy to smoke from. Plus it's always nice to patronize the vendors at Hookah Pro.

There are 7 different MZ hookahs at PYH for under $50 before the Hookah Pro discount. Just a thought.
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