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Default Re: How to pack tangiers

OK so this morning I dared to try some cool strawberry. I acclimated for around 36 hours, my whole room smelled like amazing strawberries. I packed just like this instructional said, poked holes almost exactly like the pic. I popped on 2 coco naras, one with the large side down and the other on its side. As soon as I did that I heard the tobacco sizzle. I wait a few minutes and took a pull. Hmmm....ok, this is interesting. I got a good cloud, no harshness......but no flavor. I kept on smokin to see if it would improve. After like 15 minutes it started to taste burnt so i took off a coal and moved the other. At the 25 minute mark I got a HINT of flavor. What I don't get is if the tobacco is packed over the rim, won't it burn and taste burnt? I'm not giving up just yet but i'm curious as to why the tobacco smelled amazing and I got almost no flavor.

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