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well this will be my first post on this forum and i think i will make it a good one.

my site is new and you can only do so much testing on it your self. i am always fixing things and all that good stuff. today was nothing but pure heven and hell! i receved around 150 orders that i have filled mostly my self. this opening was a shock to every one including wholesalers and retailers. i got about 20 phone calls bitching me out telling me that i am stupid and killing it for everyone, i am going to destroy the market! ha i just laughed in there face and told them that is exactly what the people need. retailers are charging so f***king much it makes think how dumb people are to purchase things at their prices. hookahs should be cheap, but not cheap in quality!. tobacco wow that needs to go down bigtime because its not fair at all! 60 - 90% markup wow that just filling there pockets with your hard earnd money for what a hookah that they bought from egypt for $20 or $4 from china. ha! no way man and people pay up the ass why i dont know. all i can say is that i am not going to raise my prices on most items, but there are some that have to go up a dollar two.

well i am thankfull that i have been invited to this forum and i will here from me every so often!

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