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Default A few maybe not so simple questions ?!?

I am new to the forums and I just have a few questions about things I have been trying to search online for and really couldn't get a straight answer.

I use a MYA glass hookah that is about 3-4 years old and I love it, although it has its fair share of abuse! Recently my finance and I have been discussing a few things with our smoke sessions and are interested in getting a better smoke. I will break these up so they are easier for everyone.

1: The best tobacco we have come across is Layalina, even over a few of the $20 brands. I have seen reviews on Starbuzz and AF being much better and haven't been able to try either, what is your opinion on the difference? Would it be worth spending almost twice as much over Layalina?

2: I use a very cheap hose that came with my MYA hookah, I had to tape it up cause it leaks and have been looking at reviews on new hoses. I saw the Nammor has great reviews and is wider than other hoses, so does that mean bigger hits?

3: I have both a ceramic and a clay bowl now... both very cheaply made. I was looking at the Phunnel hookah and interested in the design, will this type of bowl suit a more juicy tobacco like Layalina if I decide to stick with them?

4: I have used a bunch of different coal from the cheap $1 package of quick light to the Japanese coals. I really am sick of the after taste and harsh burning I get from almost all of these and interested in what you think about natural coals like the Exotica and Al Ajdad?

5: I was looking at the Heba diffuser, does this work well?

Thanks for all the help.
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