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Default Re: A few maybe not so simple questions ?!?

Using a KM, razon, or Nammor hose on a mya might not always fit, also, if it does it may be easy to knock over the hookah as the end weights alot. I would use those hoses only on egyptian hookahs. For a mYA you could always a get a plain MYA hose as a replacement as these are not menat to last "years" If you want an upgrade MYA has cloisinee (sp) hoses that are a lot fancier with decorative handles, yet pretty much the same functionality as a regular mya hose.
As for a bowl, you can't go wrong with a funnel but there are other options. If you like egyptian clay or decarative ceramics they are less than half the price.
Check out the vendors on this board and you'll find what you are looking for. Also, you can call in directly with some vendors to get help over the phone.
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