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Default Re: A few maybe not so simple questions ?!?

Heba Diffusers are only good fro quieting your hookah. They restrict your pull an awful lot, but some people like that.

Razan or Nammor, Hell yes. I think razans are actually a bit tougher and longer-lasting. All my Nammors are falling apart, yet my Razan is good as new.

get a Phunnel, but keep your Reg. Egyptian. You'll want it later when you don't want to use to much tobacco. Also, buy a Mod for your phunnel from

CocoNara are more consistent then Exoticas are. That's not my opinion either. People swear by both coals, and Exoticas are much less expensive... But it's like shopping at Wild Oats (Whole Foods) compared to Wal-Mart ; you pay more for the Organic quality, as CocoNaras are sustainable, made of Coconut Shells, so you don't murder trees. That's mostly based on choice.

I would keep the Mya, and buy a KM or a Magdy Zidan. There are new KM hookahs coming out in a little while, so i would recommend one of those. Myas are good for 4+ people, and are a TON tougher than any other rig available.

Layalina is fine, if you like it, stick with it. Why pay 20 bucks for something that you may not even enjoy. I warn you, StarBuzz is very, very sweet. Layalina comes in a plethora of flavors as well, so you can't really get bored.
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