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Default Re: SB Disappointment

Originally Posted by Huskysibe
So far I cannot see why I should pay so much for SB. I have tried their Chocolate Mint and find the Nahkla Chocomint FAR superior, the SB wasnt bad and had it not been for the Nahkla I would probably keep some around since I havent tried the AW After 9 yet. And last night I had their Lemon Mint, nothing special about that, decent smoke but it didnt make me wanna trash all my bacy and go get SB exclusively like I have seen others do. And the day before I had their Watermelon which was kind of Blah. I am hoping the X on the beach will make up for it but so far I havent had a SB that is a go to smoke or a must have. What is it about this stuff that makes people go crazy? Am I missing something?

One thing i've noted about about this hobby of ours when looking around the web is that some narghiles/shisha/people are treated as the be all and end all of smoking. While Star Buzz is a decent product it's hardly stellar and given that it is very expensive I just don't see the point in buying it. Literally I can think of half a dozen brands that are far better in terms of taste and value.

The gushing praise for Mya is another thing I just don't get. The quality goes from fair to poor and frankly I can't see why anyone would bother when so many excellent quality Egyptian and Syrian narghiles are on the market.
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