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Default Re: Aluminum foil for smoking - your preferences.

Originally Posted by Smokering
I've recently noticed that using thinner aluminum foil with hotter coals really messes with my throat when smoking for more than 20 minutes... so I generally try to stick to thicker foil. It may also have something to do with the amount of chemicals on the foil itself, I don't know.

If anyone has noticed something to similar to this, or has any really good foil suggestions as far as store-bought goes, please let me know.
I always use run of mill foil when it's on sale and I never have problems with sore throats, headaches or such. Those things are almost always a result of using bad coals or inhaling way too aggressively. Smoke slowly and wait a at least 30 seconds between drawls. Don't worry about huge clouds but stay focused on the ritual and taste.
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