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It doesnt affect how it hits. It is, tho, IMPOSSIBLE to purge. Also the upper part of MYA stems is narrower than 28+" egyptians so a bit better draw there. no noticable effect on size of clouds.
A PRO of mya is that i've never heard a Mya stem rust.
A con of that hookah is that its a screw-on which are known to have some problems.

Mya's do smoke as well as Egyptians but have a few PROs and a few CONS compared to Traditionals.

Mya PROS: good multi-hosers, never rust, perfect seal
CONS: Problems with threaded parts, narrower stems, BAD purge cz of common chamber.

Traditionals PROS : wide stem, perfect purge, no threaded parts.
CONS: Unacceptable as multihosers, will rust eventually,

Am not going to discuss style and and portabilty becuase these depend on model and personal preferences but that basically it. I own both and i know they are for 2 different kinds of people.

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